National door-to-door service suspension floor quotation plan

National door-to-door service suspension floor quotation plan

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Floating assembled floor, also called modular sports floor, is the ground layer material of the fourth-generation sports floor. The finished product is in block shape and the specification is 30.48cm×30.48cm×1.88cm. It can be directly pavement on the foundation of cement or asphalt. The surface does not need to be glued, and each floor is connected with a unique lock. The installation is very simple, and it can also be disassembled at will


The suspended assembled floor adopts mature high-strength polypropylene environmental protection material, which effectively solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor, and also has stable surface friction. Anti-ultraviolet additives are added to each floor to ensure that the floor is exposed to long-term sunlight. The medium does not fade, the suspended structure design and the sturdy reinforced supporting foot structure create an excellent vertical shock absorption effect. The non-slip surface can effectively prevent sports injuries. The good ball rebound performance and ball speed ensure the excellent floor. Sports performance, it can be used to pave ideal high-performance basketball courts, tennis courts, five-a-side football courts, roller skating courts, table tennis courts, volleyball, badminton and other multi-functional courts.


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