The plastic runway does not change its color in the face of spring, summer, autumn and winter

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The thickness of the plastic track is about 13 cm, and the structure is very similar to a positive rubber sponge table tennis bat. The flat and solid foundation of the runway is like a ping pong

On the bottom plate of a table tennis racket, the plastic layer in the middle is like a sponge, and the friction layer on the surface is equivalent to the rubber particles on the table tennis racket. Athlete Ben

Running on this large-area "sponge racket" can effectively reduce the shock when the footsteps hit the ground, and gain ground deformation when pushing backwards

The thrust that can be fed back greatly increases the efficiency of running. The firmness, flatness and uniformity of the runway surface is also conducive to shaping

The full use of technical movements means that, with the exception of sprints, hurdles, middle and long distance running, all run-up related events such as high jump and jump

Achievements such as far distance and javelin are all caused by the advent of the plastic runway. In addition, the plastic track regardless of winter, summer and sunny

Yudu's all-weather advantages of "unchanging nature", the valuable qualities of abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and radiation resistance are pleasing to the eye and inspiring.

The bright colors and the safety level of athletes after accidentally falling are unmatched by any other track. Plastic runway today

The production and laying technology of the company has been continuously improved. The full-plastic, hybrid, granular, and coil-shaped materials are blooming and competing for prosperity.

Large stadiums have been paved to the playground of the elementary school.

The plastic track provides athletes with the most comfortable equipment, so you have no worries. The plastic runway is also called the "Tatang" runway.

Made of polyurethane material. Many properties of this synthetic material are better than natural rubber and plastic, regardless of strength, hardness, elasticity,

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