Features of Silicon PU Basketball Court

Release time:2021-06-23 09:07:28

Features of Silicon PU Basketball Court
up and down
is full of hard characteristics, bringing professional sports texture;
With elasticity, it can effectively increase the movement buffer and reduce the injury of ankles, joints and ligaments.
rebound evenly
Silicon PU's innovative upper hard and lower elastic structure, the hard surface layer retains sufficient rebound support for the ball, and with the rebound characteristics of the elastic layer and the reinforcement layer, the rebound rate of the ball is guaranteed to be above 90%, which meets the professional sports feel of the ball. Therefore, it can effectively solve the defects of PU material soft surface ball trapping, sticking ball, uneven rebound and so on.
The silicon PU elastic system specially designed for sports provides effective cushioning absorption and shock absorption protection for sports. The elastic layer absorbs the impact force instantaneously through retraction, and the cushioned pressure accumulation forms an upward high resilience through the reinforcing layer, which is effective Slow down sports injuries caused by the ground's reaction to ankles, joints, and ligaments.
Slip start
The silicon PU is designed according to the ergonomics in sports, and the surface is reasonably hard and rough. The surface friction is moderate, and it matches with the elastic but not soft underlying elastic structure. It provides sufficient friction power for starting, changing direction, jumping, and emergency stop during sports. Effectively solve the slipping phenomenon caused by the surface being wet, and ensure a comfortable foot feel during exercise.
change direction move
The innovative hard surface layer of silicon PU provides a sufficient physical foundation for smooth, multi-directional, and fast movement requirements in motion. The lower layer realizes a reasonable transition from hard to soft structure by adjusting the modulus of the elastomer. Professional sports structure with bullets, bullets but not soft.

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